Blog | 2015

3 Essentials to Writing More Engaging Content 

A look at how the path to engagement is to stop thinking like a marketer and start acting like a storyteller. 

Original Report | 2017

Brand Storytelling

Elevate Your Organization's Story to Inspire Engagement & Invite Action

Blog | 2017

Lessons from the Rebranding Trenches

Lara helped lead Pierpont's recent brand refresh, and in this blog, she explores the lessons learned from an internal rebrand. 

Following her passion for fitness and health, Lara earned a certification as a Food Psychology Coach in 2010 and authored Tipping the Scale to help women rethink their relationship with food. Packed with activities and insights, readers discover how to more fully harness their metabolic potential, unleash their personal power, and experience the true taste of freedom! Learn more and download a sample here. 

Marketing Boards | 2010

The Crescent - Dallas

Created copy for marketing boards for Dallas' landmark building, The Crescent. 

In-store Signage | 2008

Corner Bakery Restaurant

Developed copy for Corner Bakery Restaurant's in-store promotion for Super Bowl catering services. 

Marketing & Web 

Program Development | 2000-2004

Mays Business School

Led development of communications program from scratch to help Texas A&M's business school raise $50 million. 

Annual Report | 2007

Tyler Technologies Annual Report

Researched and developed copy for award-winning annual report for Dallas-based software developer. 

Branding Guide | 2007

HP OpenCall Messaging Guide

Worked with HP's C-level execs to develop corporate branding framework for OpenCall telecom division.

Strategy & Corporate Communications

Magazine Editor | 2000-2004

Mays Business Online

Award-winning alumni e-zine Lara conceptualized and launched from scratch. Produced monthly for Texas A&M's business school and was basis for annual print magazine.  

Original e-Book | 2011

Tipping the Scale 

How to Make Peace with Food and Your Body When Dieting No Longer Works

Special Reports & Books

 Blogs & Features 


What's the story only you can tell?

Lara Zuehlke

Today's organizations are no longer simply selling products and services. They are now being tasked as content publishers, pumping out stories through multiple platforms and channels. Passionate about the craft of storytelling, Lara draws from nearly two decades of experience as an award-winning writer and author to help organizations identify and share their unique stories. Over the years, she's developed content for nearly every type of channel.  

To learn more, explore Lara's writing portfolio below or contact her for more recent work examples. 

In her role at Pierpont Communications, Lara authored this original report to help communicators more readily identify and share their organizations' unique stories. Packed with insight and hands-on activities, the 26-page report provides just the right blend of ah-has and how-tos to improve storytelling, map an effective content strategy, and measure success. Download the report here. 

Freelance Writer | 2004-2006

Runner Triathlete News

Developed original features and news items for monthly triathlon and running magazines. 

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 Brand Storytelling  & Content Strategy